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JUL/AUG 2015
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Interplex Etch Logic offers reel-to-reel insert molding


The ability to continuously etch precision metal components reel to reel enables Interplex Etch Logic, LLC, Attleboro, Mass., to offer down-stream operations such as forming, plating, molding and automatic assembly.

The company's insert molding technologies, which include reel-to-reel, rotary and shuttle insert molding, are capable of producing semiconductor packages, automotive sensors, medical components, electrical connectors, hybrid inverters, power-driver assemblies and other molded molded subassemblies.

Among the key benefits of the continuous etch technology cited by Interplex are its ability to hold tight tolerances with a high level of repeatability and true position from part to part. The company's "Flat-Line" process control system continually monitors more than 160 critical process points in real time, and maintains the process conditions within a narrow band at all times, according to the company.

Posted by Dennis Spaeth