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Mar/Apr 2015
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ultrathin heaterPelonis Technologies Inc. offers ultrathin, flexible heaters. Less than 0.22mm thick and weighing 0.04g per square centimeter, the flexible heaters are used in defense electronics, aircraft, portable medical instruments, laboratory research, optical and photographic equipment, LCD displays, computer equipment, high-density electronic devices and automotive applications.

A new report, "Laser Processing Market by Application and Global Forecast to 2020," offers laser processing market analysis. It covers applications, such as laser cutting, drilling and marking; laser type, such as gas, solid and fiber; and laser machine configuration, such as moving, and fixed beam. It also covers the industries that purchase lasers. 

The Automotive Sensors and Electronics Expo 2015, presented by MEMS Journal and slated for May 20-21 in Detroit, is intended to bring together experts in automotive sensors and electronics to discuss a wide range of business and technology issues, ongoing trends and emerging applications. Conference topics will include supply chain trends and challenges, government regulations and mandates, interface and calibration circuits, non-electronic interfaces and fabrication technologies.

CoorsTek offers a variety of semiconductor bonding tools, including capillaries, wedges, single-point tab tools, parallel gap electrodes, disc drive bonding tools, die collets and vacuum pick-up tools and custom micro-components. Click here for more information.

A sinker EDM can make a variety of parts and part features. Hardened steel molds, complex titanium medical components and deep holes in carbide are just a few examples—ones that are difficult or impossible to machine with conventional processes.


I have observed on many occasions that the dollars-per-photon cost of operating lasers drops every year, especially for ultra-violet and ultrashort-pulse lasers. The photons generated by UV and USP lasers are considered “high value” because they deliver more energy to the workpiece surface than the photons of longer-wave beams.


Part of the problem in today’s technology and social-media driven world is that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the hype from reality in manufacturing.


Gamma rays can ignite superhuman powers in comic book characters, but, in reality, excess exposure to this most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation causes people to become sick and die.


A nice smile projects an air of confidence. That’s not possible, however, when someone has unpleasant-looking teeth. Fortunately, dentists can correct even the most damaged teeth, as well as help maintain a healthy set of pearly whites. But just as a machinist can’t turn a piece of raw metal into a precision part with his bare hands, dentists require the proper tools of the trade.


You could call it one of the finer points of metallurgy: finer grains make stronger metals.