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Jan/Feb 2015
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hilton boston back bay thumbThe MEMS Technical Congress, which will be held May 6 and 7 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay hotel in Boston, for the first time will open its doors to all companies connected with the MEMS/sensors supply chain—not just members of the MEMS Industry Group (MIG), the trade association that organizes the event.

I-Source Technical Services Inc. offers custom laser and CNC manufacturing services. With precision laser micromachining, CNC milling and manufacturing and CO2 laser fabrication and engraving capabilities, the company aims to provide full-service manufacturing.

Balluff has expanded its inductive sensor miniature line with the addition of the BES R04 block sensor. This metal-housed inductive sensor is designed for extreme applications involving weld spatter, metal debris and more, according to the company. Its small size and flat housing makes the sensor suited for space-critical installations. It features fully integrated electronics with no external amplifier needed, and a single M3 screw provides a secure hold for the sensor, streamlining the mounting process.

Researchers at Princeton University have built a rice grain-sized laser powered by single electrons tunneling through artificial atoms known as quantum dots. The tiny microwave laser, or "maser," is a demonstration of the fundamental interactions between light and moving electrons.

Metcal, a subsidiary of OK International, provides users with a range of choices to address conduction hand soldering, desoldering and rework processes, according to the company. Its SmartHeat technology ensures that soldering, desoldering and rework are always performed at safe and controlled temperatures. Single-port, dual-port switchable and dual-port simultaneous systems, as well as a full range of tips, cartridges and accessories, are available.

Voxel8 offers new functional materials with a 3D printing platform. Standard desktop 3D printers are constrained to printing thermoplastics or UV resins, according to the company; however, using Voxel8’s 3D printer, matrix materials such as thermoplastics and highly conductive silver inks can be printed, enabling customized electronic devices like quadcopters, electromagnets and fully functional 3D electromechanical assemblies.

XL Precision Technologies Ltd., West Chester, Pa., manufactures microparts for the medical sector. Through EDM and laser technology, XL provides instrument and implant components on a global basis, according to the company. XL can make complex-shaped components with overall dimensions of 2mm x 2mm x 1mm (0.0787" x 0.0787" x 0.0394") with standard tolerances down to 15µm. 

Advanced Powder Products Inc., Philipsburg, Pa., is a metal-injection molding shop that specializes in mass manufacturing microcomponents. According to the company, its process is capable of producing feature sizes in the 0.001" to 0.003" (0.025mm to 0.076mm) range. The process includes designing high-resolution, complex tooling. 


Microlap Technologies Inc., Rolla, N.D., specializes in producing finished products of nearly any size or configuration, according to the company. It offers design assistance, prototyping, cutting, grinding, drilling, lapping, polishing, inspecting and cleaning. Microlap also offers quality control services, including dimensional and surface finish inspections, Talyrond measurement capabilities, in-house calibration capabilities and measurement standards traceable to NIST in order to ensure product consistency

Swiss stamping and fineblanking shop Heinz Hänggi GmbH produces millions of stampings in series with dimensions of just a fraction of a millimeter. These microstamped parts are used in in the automotive industry for applications such as fuel injection systems and anti-blocking systems, which require extremely precise stamping technology, according to the company. Hänggi has developed the equipment and testing technology required to provide these parts to international markets.