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Mar/Apr 2015
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Albright Technologies Inc. provides silicone micromolding services. According to the company, it has developed the in-house capability to complete 3D CNC machining at a microscopic level, allowing for the design of aluminum mold tools for microparts.

Mold tools, prototypes and production microparts are all manufactured at the company’s Leominster, Mass. facility, with a standard turnaround time of 15 business days for micromolds and engineering samples.

Functional analysis of a cell, which is the fundamental unit of life, is important for gaining new insights into medical and pharmaceutical fields. For efficiently studying cell functions, it is essential to reconstruct cellular microenvironments by parallel manipulation of single cells. Various cell manipulation techniques including fluidic, optical and electrical techniques have been developed, according to a report on

Laserdyne’s new SmartPierce feature creates a clean pierce point that is the same diameter as the cut width, eliminating splatter of molten material around the pierce location. This makes for a consistent and smoother-appearing entry point, according to the company. Additional application features, such as slots, can be produced in a single pass without moving around the outside profile of the feature. This minimizes time producing the feature.

ERI America offers Showa Tool's Micron Chuck, a mechanical milling chuck with a higher level of accuracy than hydraulically operated chucks, combined with the compact design, rigidity and high clamping power of a mechanical chuck, according to the company. By using a ball screw design, the Micron Chuck eliminates maintenance issues commonly associated with the needle rollers used in milling chucks, which are subject to contamination.

Fielding Manufacturing, Cranston, R.I, has unveiled a new marketing "spokesperson" for the Micro Die-Casting segment of its business. Mr. Micro was created specifically to convey Fielding’s message of precision capability and technical commitment to the growing demand for micro-featured zinc castings, according to the company.

SEMulator3D thumbCoventor Inc., which offers virtual fabrication solutions for semiconductor devices and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), has opened an office near Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan to better serve its growing Taiwan customer base.


Sandia National Lab thumbWhen it comes to accelerated age testing, results are often unsatisfying, particularly when it comes to understanding the effects of radiation on electronics. For those whose job it is to ensure safe and reliable stewardship of nuclear weapons, accurate aging data is critical. 


micro gear thumbA Sumitomo SE30DUZ direct-drive machine will be used to mold a 0.524-gram microgear for a new cataract surgery device developed by Eye Care and Cure, Tucson, Ariz. The gear is used to rotate the surgical blade in the device.


nano bible thumbAn Israeli company has produced what is ar-guably the world’s smallest New Testament. The nanobibles, which come on a chip measuring less than 5mm × 5mm, were developed by the Jerusa-lem Nano Bible Co. and are intended to be worn as jewelry.


zano drone thumbAt the Consumer Electronics show, held this past January in Las Vegas, there were more than a few drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), on display. By all accounts, the convention center was abuzz with drones.