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May/June 2015
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LNA has been appointed as a Fanuc Robotics Authorized Integrator to provide customers with automated laser marking solutions. Combined with LNA’s experience with high-performance lasers and applications, customers benefit from lower manufacturing costs, vastly improved throughput, repeatability and resolution, according to the company. 

A Cleveland-based trade association, Women in Manufacturing, now counts 510 members from across the country, with a strong online presence and a growing network of state chapters designed to support the advancement of women working in the field and to increase their numbers at all levels, from the shop floor to the corporate suite and everywhere in between.

The Jade laser micromachining platform from ESI is designed to deliver exceptional reliability and throughput for marking, cutting, engraving and drilling at a low cost of ownership, according to the company. The built-in design extendibility feature provides the ability to upgrade and change configuration to move from marking aluminum to cutting soft goods.


Tomoaki Mashimo, a researcher at the Toyohashi University of Technology, has been developing a micro ultrasonic motor that incorporates a 1 cu. mm stator, one of the smallest ultrasonic motors ever built. The stator, which comprises a metallic cube with a through-hole and plate-piezoelectric elements adhered to its sides, can be scaled down without requiring any special machining or assembly methods, according to the university. The prototype motor achieved a practical torque of 10 μNm (i.e.

Thermal drift is the biggest contributor to machining and part errors. SpindleCheck from Lion Precision measures changes in the point of machining as the spindle warms up, as chillers run and as the environment changes. Precise warm-up times can be determined for each machine tool and sources of thermal drift can be identified. This is the only method that tests thermal effects at the point of machining, reports Lion Precision.

Hardinge Workholding ( now offers 5-day delivery on its TF25 Extended Nose Swiss Collet. The collet features added nose length--flat or tapered--for performing pick-off work or to compensate for tooling interference. When ordering, customers need to provide hole size (ID), length of extension and nose diameter.

MICROMO announced that PiezoMotor Uppsala AB, a Swedish provider of linear and rotary positioning systems, released a new drive option for the Piezo LEGS motor series. The new DMC-30019 is a single-axis controller based on architecture from Galil Motion Control Inc.

The MEMS Industry Group will focus on the IEEE P2700 Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions during its next MEMS Education Series webinar set for 11:30 a.m. (Eastern time) June 18.

A representative from ACUTRONIC USA Inc. will offer a first-hand look at how the company used the standard to conduct comparison testing between commercially available MEMS inertial sensors. 

Himax Technologies Inc., a supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products, earned the 2015 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award for its 0.22" Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) microdisplay product, the company announced today.

By combining 3D holographic lithography and 2D photolithography, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have demonstrated a high-performance 3D microbattery suitable for large-scale on-chip integration with microelectronic devices.